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re: Our Charter


Wardance is a guild on the Zul'jin server. Here are the official rules of our guild.

We expect our members, as adults, to understand the difference between right and wrong and these rules are intentionally short for that reason. You will be removed from the guild if ..

  • your account is compromised
  • your responsible for creating drama here
  • you disappear for long periods of time without notice
  • your banned for violating Blizzard's Terms of Service.

It would help if all members signed up for the guild website. As our primary means of communication, we think it's important. For example: Notifying us that your going to absent is considerably easier if you can see the forums.

All guilds have a ranking structure aimed at identifying the roles and responsibilities of each member. These are ours :

The Officers are charged with the day to day running of Wardance. All of the officers have an equal vote in any decisions made in the guild's behalf. The current officers are Hubbins (Dineb#1423) and Nergul (Nergul#1277)

Veteran Raider 
As the guild's raiders, veterans have increased access to the guild's resources and because of these privileges, we have high expectations. Veterans must be knowledgeable of their class, do everything possible to maximize their abilities (outside character development, gems, enchants) and be studied in the encounters we participate in. Veterans must commit to raiding two nights a week as part of the standard guild raiding calender. They are required to notify us if they plan to be late or absent from a raid night. If Veteran raiders are found to be lacking in their performance or maintaining an 80% attendance rate could mean demotion.

Raid Reservist
Much like Veteran Raiders, these members have proved themselves to be valuable members of the raid team. They may not have the time to commit to full time raiding but they will be utilized in the raid where possible. Reservists are welcome to a raid where space is available as long as they are able to perform at a quality level. Reservists will NOT be given a raid spot nor receive loot over a Veteran Raider. 

Raid Recruit
The rank of Raid Recruit covers anyone who has joined our guild for the purpose of raiding and is yet unproven. As a recruit, our expectations of you is identical to our veterans and should you fail to meet that expectation, you have failed your application. At the end of probation period, the officers will determine whether to keep or release you.

Members are those who's focus is on the social aspect of the game and therefore aren't required to participate in any guild sponsored activities.

Wardance is an U.S eastern time zone guild and we raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00pm to 11:00 pm. Everyone who raids with us must have Ventrilo, an updated boss mod and any other class specific mods you consider to be essential installed prior to raid start time.

Getting In
If your looking to raid with Wardance and you are ..

  • not a member of our guild, you will need to fill out an application.
  • a casual member of our guild, you will need to post on the Help Desk.
  • a raider looking to change mains, you will need to specifically contanct an officer or make a post to the Help Desk.

As with all applications, you will need to include as much raid relevant information as possible. Once we've received your application, we need to decide on your readiness to join our core, taking into account current raider attendance and raid composition. If successful, the applicant has 28 days to prove himself. 

Note : you cannot raid with us and have active raiding characters in a competing guild without permission, contact an officer with any questions regarding this matter. .

Loot Distribution
Wardance employs a custom loot council method of distribution and during our raids, loot will be set to master looter to reduce downtime. An officer will link any items that drop during our raids in raid chat, where your required to link the item your hoping to replace, telling us if it's an upgrade, sidegrade or offspec item. Using the following criteria, the officers will award the item:

  • Individual Raiders Attendance
  • What all an individual has done to improve their character outside of the raid.
  • Raid Performance
  • How loot will most benefit the guild/progression.

If you disagree with a decision, please use the Help Desk forum to tell us why you think we made a mistake and we'll get back to you. Because of the nature of raiding, we can't commit the time to discuss any alleged lapses in judgement during the raid.

Our Bank
The Wardance guild bank currently has 8 pages - 4 of which are open to members and 5 that are open to veterans. Our bank works like a coop, where members are encouraged to both donate and use anything they find within. As space is limited, items considered rubbish will be sold. There are limits to which each character can withdraw but of you have trouble procuring an item, please see an officer.

The Fine Print : As World of Warcraft is a dynamic game, our rules may be changed or relaxed to suit the current conditions or needs.

Last Revision : November 4th, 2014

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