Hellfire Citadel Begins

by Nergul (US-Zul'jin), 39 days ago

6.23.15 After months spent in Blackrock Foundry fighting Blackhand and his minions our guild moved on to Hellfire Citadel with the 6.2 patch. We got in there and took down some bosses right away. Welcome to all the new faces, and lets continue to get better and excel.

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Heroic: Blackhand

by Nergul (US-Zul'jin), 45 days ago

6.17.15 I cannot stress enough that this was a huge success for this guild! I know it wasn't a world first or progression race kinda kill and we did it late in the tier...But the fact that we pushed through the adversity and found a way to get this done says something about all of us. I want to thank and congratulate you all. Job well done! Lets continue to get better as we push on into Hellfire Citadel. Thank you all for the hard work and we will see you in 6.2 on Tuesday.

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Heroic: The Blast Furnace

by Nergul (US-Zul'jin), 116 days ago

4.7.15 A couple of us were talking after the raid last night. This might have to be one of our proudest kills as a guild. This fight was tough and seemed almost impossible at first. With better and better execution we started to peel back the layers and managed to figure out how to get it done. Seriously grats to everyone here, excellent job.


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