Heroic: Ko'ragh

by Nergul (US-Zul'jin), 11 days ago

Took us a few attempts to work out the kinks on this one but the group came together and got it done. Grats again on the progress and we are now 6/7 Heroic. Time to buckle down for Imperator Mar'gok. Grats to those who received loot and let's keep marching on.

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Heroic: Brackenspore

by Nergul (US-Zul'jin), 12 days ago

In the immortal words of that famous Queen song another one bites the dust. Again this was a nice surprise to an already good raid week. Great job everyone! Welcome to the new raid members and grats to everyone who got loot. Heroic: Ko'ragh, yeah we are looking at you.

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Heroic: Tectus and Butcher

by Nergul (US-Zul'jin), 18 days ago

Excellent job this week. Got back to raiding in style with 2 additional new kills for us on Wednesday 1.7.15. While waiting for the crew to get online for Butcher we took a  few stabs at Heroic: Tectus and down he went, after that we dispatched Heroic: Butcher. Very impressed with the progress here guys. Let's kick it into gear next week as well. Great job all around and grats to those who walked away with some gear upgrades.

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