Warlords of Draenor Launch...... kinda!

by Nergul Bergol, 8 days ago

I know many people have been completely unable to login to Zul'jin and play WoD. I assure we will not be leaving anyone behind. Blizzard seems to be dragging their feet with solutions but regardless we will work something out. Hang in there guys, no one will be left behind.


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Challenge Mode Gold: Guild Achievement

by Nergul Bergol, 99 days ago

Honestly the hardest thing about challenge modes is learning the gimmicks, and then getting everyone to show up and get it done. Wardance had its first group complete 9/9 Challenge mode Gold as a group Saturday morning. Congratulations to the team, and everyone enjoy the new pet available at the guild vendor. Better late than never huh?

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Heroic: Immerseus

by Nergul Bergol, 249 days ago

Down goes another one... Despite some crazy attempts where corrupted slimes ate some player's faces or dot stacks got too high and hit like the fist of an angry god. We managed to calm down, get together and pull off a pretty clean kill on this guy. In the end Dohma sacrificed himself to the loot gods for us. Congratulations guys and on to the next heroic.

Drops : Pauldrons of Violent Eruption, Purified Bindings of Immerseus
Attendees  Clamatoe, Dgenerate, Dohma, Duulo, Fafoo, Gabbie, Hubbins, Nergul, Nhilate, Rubeus, Totalitar

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