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Mythic: Hellfire High Council

by Nergul (US-Zul'jin), 101 days ago

4.20.16  This week we took down Hellfire High Council. This was a little challenge for us, but we got it done. Congratulations to everyone that received loot. Thank you to everyone that shows up and works to contribute to this guild and this raid team. We are proud to have all of you with us. On to Kilrogg Deadeye.

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Mythic: Iron Reaver & Kormrok

by Nergul (US-Zul'jin), 162 days ago

2.16.16 & 2.17.16  This week turned out to be quite a nice surprise. To everyone that participated on Iron Reaver in our last attempts before Tuesday it seemed that a kill was pretty close. Not only did we smash that one but we went and took down Kormrok on Wednesday as well. I could not be much more proud of everyone who is stepping up to contribute day in and day out. Your time and effort does not go unnoticed and we appreciate everyone making the sacrifices to be here and hone their abilities. Congrats to everyone who got loot and let's keep this push going throughout the rest of this tier. 

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Mythic: Hellfire Assault

by Nergul (US-Zul'jin), 199 days ago

1.13.16  Wardance has always prided itself on being a respectively competitive guild. The change at the end of Mists of Pandaria to only allow groups of 20 into Mythics was pretty hard on our 10 man raid. It took us a while to get the numbers and right people but here we are back at Mythic again. Great kill this week and hope to see us continue to push further into here. Congratulations to everyone who got loot. We are continuing to recruit. If you are interested in being part of the Wardance Mythic Raid team please contact Nergul, Hubbins, or Kirsdarke. 

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Wardance is an active raiding guild whose goal is to see and conquer all of the current content and beyond while allowing our members to enjoy a life outside the game. We are a small guild with a core group of raiders who have been playing together for several years and because our turnover among our core has been almost non-existent, we've hardly needed to recruit in the past as we are a pretty tight knit group.
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